Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We passed 5 graves today... traveled 15 miles.

There are young women in this world who get knocked up by different guys and say, "It is against my religion to be on birth control." Is it not against your religion to be a whore? Stop the picking and choosing with what you want to believe in! Having said that, I love 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

I was informed today that I may be taking the pioneer thing too far in my life. A friend of mine dreamed that she asked me for a tampon and I told her I don't use tampons/pads anymore. I use rags and just wash them over and over. I could never go THAT far, but it sure is funny!

I am scared to death that this baby will be a boy. I'm sure I would love a baby boy; don't get me wrong. Boys are disgusting. I've noticed this a lot more now that I'm constantly running for the toilet. There is nothing worse than throwing your head down a toilet and having to taste that awful prune juice a second time while trying to avoid touching/seeing/smelling urine all over the rim. If I accidentally have a drop of pee fall onto the lid, I wipe it off. Easy. Done. Why can't men/boys do this as well? Why didn't the men's mommies teach them this? Will I be able to teach a little boy to have some respect? To end this rant... I'll have to admit that after this past incident, my only thought was to plot rubbing period blood all over men's toothbrush handle. Let's see how they like to get that up close and personal to our bodily fluids.

I never get shocked when I see that God has caused a natural disaster. It's horrible, I agree. I am just never blown away or have to gasp when I see this stuff on the news. On the flip side, I am constantly shocked when I'm reading my Facebook news. How did God create these train wrecks we call certain humans?!

The Bible says not to judge. God is the judge. I can't quite wrap my head around this. I must judge. It comes naturally to me. It's an actual need. How am I supposed to be cautious? I have to protect my life from psychotic people. I need to know where to draw the line. I have to protect my kids from murderers, rapists, ect. We must do this and we must expect to be judged. Isn't your "gut instinct" really just a natural judgement?

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